I believe in the one investment that brightens every Minnesotan's future: public schools.


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Believe in the power of public education

Minnesota’s public schools provide our democracy with informed citizens and our economy with leaders, entrepreneurs and skilled workers. And, by embracing students from all walks of life, public schools are the one place that gives every one of their dreams a chance. Yet, with growing threats on the national level, as well as right here in Minnesota, we need legislators, in session now, to provide our public schools with the resources they need to succeed.


Well‑Rounded Education

Sports, art, music and subjects outside a core curriculum are essential to a well-rounded education, yet schools often lack the resources to offer them to all students.

Why extracurricular isn’t extra at all



Our state’s share of school funding hasn’t kept pace with inflation, forcing administrators and educators to do more and more with less and less.

Where we need funding most



It’s not just that these so-called scholarship credits take money away from public schools. It’s that experience shows they don’t work.

Why vouchers don't work


Teacher Shortage

Minnesota faces a growing shortage of qualified teachers that will only get worse if the legislature fails to respond.

How to recruit difference‑makers



It’s the boost that lasts a lifetime. Yet, Minnesota lags behind the nation in the number of kids participating in Pre-K programs.

Why Pre-K is a smart investment