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Believe in the one investment that always pays. Public education.

Minnesota’s school funding hasn’t kept up with inflation. In real dollars, we’re spending 10 percent less than 2003.

Meanwhile, we’ve added some much-needed, but costly, programs.

Some, like the Teacher Development and Evaluation Law, were passed without a funding mechanism, making it very difficult for school districts to effectively implement and sustain.

As a result, our schools have been forced to increase class sizes, narrow curriculums, and cut after-school activities and support staff.

Even more challenging, the demands on our schools to do more with less are burning out our educators and creating a growing teacher shortage that’s especially acute in our rural districts and among teachers of color.

Contact legislators and urge them to increase support for the one place that supports us all.

Teacher compensation in 2015 was 11 percent less than similar college-educated workers, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Believe in a level playing field

After years of belt tightening, Minnesota’s schools are no longer the apple of our country’s eye.

While levies in some of our wealthier school districts have been able to pick up some of the funding gap, others have not.

The result is an uneven playing field between school districts and, even worse, between our students.

Ninety-three percent of Minnesota’s 332 school districts will receive less in per pupil aid in 2017 than in 2003, according to the North Star Policy Institute.

We believe, with increased state funding, we can: