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At the Capitol: April 19, 2017

Legislators returned to the state Capitol Tuesday after a week-long break and will start hashing out the differences in their spending, tax and policy bills.

Unfortunately, education spending plans passed by the House and Senate don’t even cover inflation. This is unacceptable – especially when Minnesota has a projected surplus of $1.65 billion over the next two years.

Here’s a look at the House and Senate education finance and policy proposals compared to Gov. Mark Dayton’s recommendations. Find out how your school district fares under each plan.

The House and Senate will come together in conference committees to work out the differences in their bills. After the bills pass both floors, they will be sent to the governor for his approval or veto.

Here are some tips on how to express your support for increased public school.

Find out how to connect with your legislator and express your support for increased public school funding. Also, here are some tips on how to make yourself heard.

This Thursday, April, 20, the Senate is voting on a bill that would lower the licensure standards for some Minnesota educators.

Those in the lowest tier could educate our students without any teacher preparation training. Their only educational requirement would be that they hold a bachelor’s degree. What’s worse is the license could be renewed forever, allowing them to teach for their entire career without the training to do it.

Contact your state senator and urge them to keep Minnesota’s high teacher licensure standards while making the process easier for educators.