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Last chance to weigh in on our state’s plan to implement ESSA

Today is the last day to comment on Minnesota’s plan to carry out the federal government’s new education law – Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Find out how our state addresses the act’s call for standards, assessments, school and district accountability, support for struggling schools, support for educators, and ensuring a well-rounded education for all students that prepares them for a career and college.

See the report and weigh in now.

Gov. Dayton takes a stand for public schools.

With less than four days to go in the regular legislative session, the vetoes keep mounting. Just Thursday, Gov. Mark Dayton sent yet another bill back to the legislative drawing board.

That makes 16 in all.

At issue is a projected $1.6 billion budget surplus. The legislature wants to put the bulk of it toward tax cuts. The governor wants to invest in a better tomorrow.

Education is at the top of his list and he explains why in pointed letters to the speaker of the house:

  1. An E-12 education finance bill: The meager 1.5% annual increase in the basic formula doesn’t even keep pace with inflation, let alone make up for a decade of underfunding our schools. It also eliminates the governor’s signature work: pre-kindergarten. “Your bill ensures significant teacher and staff layoffs across the state,” Gov. Dayton wrote.
    Read the governor’s letter to the speaker of the house
  2. A teacher licensing bill: While noting the need for significant reform, the governor said the bill came to him without a guaranteed funding mechanism. He also expressed several other concerns, including a provision that allows unlimited professional licensure without requiring adequate training. “We must always balance the very real urgency of addressing our significant teacher shortages with a commitment to maintaining the high professional standards for which Minnesota is known,” Gov. Dayton wrote.
    Read the governor’s letter to the speaker of the house
  3. A higher education appropriations and policy bill: The bill provides less than 40% of the $318 million the governor requested. “Of particular concern is the smaller investment in need-based aid that will lead to higher debt loads for the many middle and lower income students and families already struggling to pay for college,” Gov. Dayton wrote.
    Read the governor’s letter to the speaker of the house

Contact Gov. Dayton and your lawmakers and tell them to keep fighting for our students, our schools and our future.

Rally for public education

Public schools teach us that every voice counts. It’s time to return the favor.

And speak up for public schools.

Join us this Saturday – the last Saturday of the regular legislative session – to rally for public education.

It’s our last chance to tell lawmakers to invest in the resources our students, our schools and our state needs to succeed.

The more voices we can rally, the better our chance of being heard.

Not just by legislators, but by Gov. Mark Dayton, who needs our support after vetoing 16 bills, including an education finance bill that he said “falls well short in delivering the public investment in education that will ensure our children the ability to achieve their full potential.”

Meet us at 1 p.m. at Education Minnesota’s headquarters, 41 Sherburne Ave, St. Paul, for a 1:30 march to the state capitol.

(If you can’t join us, contact Gov. Dayton and your lawmakers and urge them to keep fighting for public schools.)