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Good vs. goodness

The Trump administration is easing back on school nutrition standards championed by former first lady Michelle Obama. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says it’s become a taste issue, with kids refusing to eat healthier foods..

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It’s showtime

A St. Paul school principal sent the House’s majority leader an invitation via Twitter. If she truly thinks schools can “make it work” with less than a 2 percent increase in the basic formula, then show him – by taking a look at the tough choices he faces with his budget.

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Our students and schools need your help TODAY

Contact your lawmaker today and tell him or her that our students deserve the resources they need to succeed.

Here comes the showdown. Minnesota legislators and the governor are expected to square off this week over very different taxing and spending proposals.

Especially on education.

A House and Senate conference committee has apparently worked out the $30 million difference in their respective K-12 plans. But it’s still less than half of what Governor Mark Dayton proposes.

At issue is what to do with a projected $1.65 billion budget surplus. The legislature would like to put the bulk of it into tax relief. And while they do propose an increase in K-12 funding, it isn’t even enough to keep pace with inflation.

And that comes after more than a decade of underfunding that has pushed many of our schools to the breaking point – forcing them to narrow curriculums, increase class sizes and cut support staff.

The stress of asking our schools and teachers to do more and more with less and less has caused a growing teacher shortage that’s especially acute in rural areas.

The governor, in response, would like to use almost half of the surplus to ease the burden on our schools and expand his signature project – pre-kindergarten, a program that promises to help close Minnesota’s worst-in-the-nation achievement gap.

Please, with this week’s fight over school funding, Contact your lawmaker and urge him or her to give our schools and students the resources they need to succeed.