Teacher Shortage

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Believe in the resources to fill tomorrow’s most important job

Educators have the one job that is responsible for all jobs – inspiring tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs and difference-makers.

Yet, Minnesota’s public schools face a rapidly growing shortage of qualified people willing to tackle the role:

When qualified teachers aren’t available, Minnesota’s public schools have no other choice but to:

  1. Seek state waivers for teachers to work outside of their licensure area.Or
  2. Hire “community experts” who are not required to have a college degree.

Contact legislators to urge them to provide the resources our schools need to fill tomorrow’s most important job.

The number of non-licensed “community experts” working in Minnesota schools has doubled from 367 in 2011 to 861 in 2016.

Believe in what your teacher says

Too many of Minnesota’s teachers leaving before retirement age is one thing. Too few young people aspiring to teachers is quite another.

Hiring officials will tell you that a competitive job market and low salaries are the biggest barriers Minnesota public schools face in attracting and retaining qualified teachers.

Educators offer an even more distressing reason: burnout.

Years and years of belt tightening as well as mandates to add additional programs have forced Minnesota school districts – and educators – to do more and more with less and less.

The results are conditions that make it difficult, if not impossible, for passionate and professional teachers to fulfill their dreams of making a difference. That includes increased class sizes and cuts to critical support staff, afterschool activities and subjects outside a core curriculum.

Believe that we can elevate the teaching profession

To attract passionate, professional educators:

To retain passionate, professional educators: