Back to school

Believe in the one place that welcomes everybody back to school: public schools

It’s a new school year. And, in the case of public schools, it’s not just for students, but for parents and everybody who values public education.

That’s because public schools are for all of us.

Here are some tips to make it the best year ever from the people on the front lines, Minnesota’s public school educators.

They’re aimed at students but, like public schools, they work for all of us:

Ask away.
All questions are good questions.
- Nancy Cordes, EL.
Nancy Cordes
Embrace differences.
You might just learn something … different.
- Don Williams, Credit Recovery Program.
Don Williams
Be open.
New ideas need a way in.
- Geneva Dorsey, Dean.
Let the bedtimes roll.
Sleep at home, not in class.
- Tarah Kipka, First Grade.
Tarah Kipka
Be kind.
Because we’re all one of a kind.
- Sarah Ranweiler, First Grade.
Sarah Ranweiler
Have fun.
It’s the best way to learn.
- Michele Leom, Fourth Grade.
Michele Leom
Try something new.
It might just be your new thing.
- Rosemary Ash, Kindergarten.
Join something.
Connections make you feel connected.
- Tucker Quetone, High School English.
Listen without judgment.
You’ll hear more.
- Waleid Hassan, High School Math.
Waleid Hassan
Let go.
Every day is a new day.
- Belinda Ash, Special Ed.
Belinda Ash

Dig deeper

The more you know, the more you grow

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"Believe in We" calls on each of us to speak up for the one place that embraces and helps students from all walks of life find their voice. Public schools.

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