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Believe in the one place that unites us all

Whether you call them vouchers or scholarship tax credits, they spell trouble for Minnesota’s future.

After decades of underfunding, our public schools are already at the breaking point, struggling with increased class sizes, narrowed curriculums and cuts to critical support staff.

With a competitive job market and low educator salaries, there’s a growing teacher shortage, especially in our rural districts and among prospective teachers of color.

Taking more money away from our public schools and giving it to private schools would deal yet another blow to the one place that gives the dreams of each and every Minnesotan a chance.

Contact legislators and urge them to reject privatization.

Believe in experience

Vouchers and tax credits have been tried without success in 17 states and the District of Columbia.

While they’re touted as a way of giving poor families a choice of schools, the truth is, they rarely cover the entire cost of tuition, uniforms, transportation, books and other supplies.

As a result, money from vouchers and tax credits wind up going to wealthy and middle class families who use it to subsidize a private education they could already afford.

In Arizona, the majority of tax-credit dollars go to students from upper- and middle-class families who were already enrolled in private schools.

Believe in transparency and accountability

In addition to undermining public education, vouchers and tax credits pose other challenges.

Private schools: