Well-Rounded Education

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Believe in a well-rounded education

Budgets are tight in public schools all across Minnesota. And one of the most likely targets for cuts are extracurricular activities.

Truth is, they aren’t extra at all.

Sports, art, music and other subjects outside of a core curriculum teach critical skills and values, like leadership, teamwork and perseverance.

They also build self-esteem, encourage exercise, foster school pride and have even been credited with helping to close the achievement gap.

In short, they’re the heart of a well-rounded education.

Yet, with Minnesota’s school boards struggling to provide more and more with less, the threat to those important lessons grows.

Especially in an era when teacher performance and school funding is often wrongly tied to standardized testing that focuses heavily on the core subjects.

Contact legislators to urge them provide the resources public schools need to offer a well-rounded education to all students.