Minnesota public educators devote their lives to students. And their jobs get more difficult and complex every year. Yet the benefits of being an educator have not kept pace. Pay, health coverage, pensions, and professional support are just a few examples.

Our educators are worth more.
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Rising Health Care Costs

No one should be forced to choose between their career and their health. But that's exactly the choice many educators are having to make due to soaring health care costs. They devote their time to nurturing our young people while sometimes even having to forgo necessary medical care.

Our educators deserve quality, affordable health coverage.

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Better Salaries for Education Support Professionals (ESPs)

Education support professionals, or ESPs, include everyone from bus drivers and janitorial staff to paraprofessionals. These are the people who hold our public schools together. They are often the first trusted adults see at school in the morning and the last they see before heading home.

When a fully-staffed ESP team is in a school, students get more one-on-one help, teachers feel supported in their work, and the learning environment is safer and happier.

ESPs deserve fair pay, dignity and respect for their work.

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New State Investment in Educator Pensions

Our public educators devote their lives to students. For that they deserve a dignified retirement. Educator pensions were designed for that. Yet they're just not the recruitment and retention tools they used to be.

More state investment into pension reform will help fill open positions, reduce shortages and avoid overfilled classrooms.

9 out of 10 Minnesota public schools don't have the educators they need.

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