If 2020 teaches us anything it's that we need to fully fund our schools more than ever.

Hold our elected officials accountable to provide our schools and our students with the resources they need to succeed.
With only a few weeks remaining in the 2021 legislative session, it’s urgent we reach our lawmakers today.

Tell legislators to fund our student’s futures.

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“We need our students’ basic needs met.”

Greta Callahan

– Bethune Community School, Minneapolis –

“It means not having to wait when there’s a crisis going on.”

James Parry

– Stewartville Middle and High School –

“It would mean not having to fundraise for 75% of my budget.”

Klair Hans

– Hilltop Primary School, Minnetrista –

“It’s not just about in the classroom. We have students who don’t have a home.”

Kelly Kosloski

– Wright Technical Center, Buffalo –

“Being in an environment that doesn’t look like myself can be disconcerting at times.”

Natalia Benjamin

– Century High School, Rochester –

Our Challenge

Decades of underfunding have left our schools with no choice but to cut critical student programs and services.

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Our Solution

When it comes to a brighter
tomorrow, we must protect and
fully fund public education.

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