Believe in we, supporting students with smaller class sizes, more counselors

Our students simply can’t get the help they need. One challenge is with growing class sizes, where teachers just don’t have time to make that critical one-on-one connection with each of their students. Another is with mental health issues, where students are up against one of the country’s highest student-to-counselor ratios.

Female teacher working at desk

Believe in we, asking lawmakers to:

  • Make class sizes manageable by providing schools with the funds to hire more educators.
  • Reduce Minnesota’s soaring 743-to-1 student-to-counselor ratio by providing the funds to hire more professional help for students.
  • Create a fair and sustainable funding stream for the state-mandated 2011 Teacher Development and Evaluation Law.
  • Ensure the state funds its share of special education costs, instead of forcing schools to lay off teachers and counselors.

“I remember a time when teachers could give all their students individual attention. We need to get back to that.”

Shelby Erickson, first grade teacher

St. Cloud
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