Believe in we, making college affordable, dreams more attainable

College students are tomorrow’s difference makers, tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s everything. But with rising college tuition on the one hand, and dwindling state support on the other, we’re asking them to shoulder more of tomorrow’s burden than even the biggest dreamers can handle.

Male teacher with thick glasses

Believe in we, asking lawmakers to:

  • Reduce Minnesota’s soaring college debt load – a figure that has grown to an average of $30,894 per student.
  • Increase our state’s share of tuition – a level of support that, since 2000, has fallen from two-thirds to just one-fourth.
  • Create a student loan ombudsperson to act as an advocate against abuses by loan servicers and lenders.
  • Address Minnesota’s educator shortage by expanding the existing teacher loan forgiveness program to include additional school workers.

“We're raising the ladder just as our young people with beautiful dreams are reaching for it.”

Matt Williams, English Instructor

Inver Hills Community College
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