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Every student’s dream deserves a chance

Decades of dwindling state support for our public schools threatens not just our students’ future, but all of ours.

School districts have tried to pick up the slack, but, with tax bases that can vary wildly, that’s only created a system of haves and have nots.

Year after year, we see cuts to critical student programs and services – as well as a widening racial-equity opportunity gap.

There are several issues this funding deficit may have created for your school district. Please take the three-question survey to see how funding levels have impacted your district in specific areas and learn what it would take to fund your district at a best-practices level that would begin to give every student’s dream a chance.

Federal and state have strained the financial health of public schools in Minnesota by continuing to underfund students and educators. These are ONLY a few areas we must address to start the long process of building schools worthy of all students, regardless of race or address.

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