Believe in we, rewarding support professionals for the important work they do

Their job title says it all – education support professionals. They provide the extra hands, extra eyes, extra attention, extra help, extra every little thing that, especially with our students with the greatest challenges, makes a big difference.

Yet, to save money, we not only don’t staff enough education support professionals, but we also don’t pay many of them a living wage. Even worse, we often don’t give them a say in their important work.

Male teacher using tablet computer

Believe in we, asking lawmakers to:

  • Require school districts and charter schools to provide fair compensation, including health care, for education support professionals.
  • Ensure that education support professionals not only work in a safe environment but also have a voice in staffing levels and working conditions.
  • Revise state law to include education support professionals when notifying educators of students with a history of violent behavior.
  • Provide funding for 16 hours of mandatory training prior to each school year for all education support professionals who work directly with students.

“We deal with a lot of challenging students – students, for example, with serious behavior issues. We need training to help us help them.”

Melissa Terpstra, Education Support Professional

St. Peter
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