Believe in we, reversing decades of underfunding our schools – and our future

Teaching is tomorrow’s most important job. Yet, because the state’s share of school funding hasn’t kept pace with inflation, our educators make 11 percent less than similarly educated peers in other careers.

How can our public schools continue to attract the best and brightest of these difference makers? And how can the educators we have continue to be effective in the face of growing class sizes, narrowing curriculum, soaring counselor-to-student ratios, cuts to extracurricular activities and more?

Male teacher sitting at a library table

Believe in we, asking lawmakers to:

  • Make up for decades of underfunding our schools and tie the per-pupil formula to inflation so we don’t fall behind again.
  • Address a growing shortage of educators, especially in rural schools and among educators of color, by increasing compensation and creating better working conditions.
  • Make health insurance more fair, affordable and predictable for educators and school employees so they stay in their profession.
  • Expand access to full-service community schools across the state – if we want equitable outcomes for students, we need equitable opportunities for their families.
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“I think as you feel valued, you give yourself more to your students.”

Tammy Mikkelson

Red Wing
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