Denise Specht

Dear Minnesota:

This is our time.

Time to raise our voices on behalf of a generation of students who need us to advocate for them, as others once stood up for us.

Time to work with pro-public- education lawmakers to raise the revenue and invest the resources our students need to succeed.

Time to insist the needs are real, the solutions aren’t cheap, that campaign promises must be kept and that we’re not going away.

Time to say our state is strongest when we’re there for each other, no matter our differences.

Time to stand against the greedy few who work to divide us against each other, so they don’t have to pay their fair share.

Time to talk about what our communities really need – on our roads, in the environment, at the doctor’s office and especially in our classrooms.

Time to support Gov. Tim Walz’s vision of shared prosperity, where everyone benefits and everyone pays what they can.

Time to use our power to restore justice to our economy and hope to all of our students, no matter where they call home or where they were born.

This is our time, Minnesota. Please join us.

Denise Specht
President of Education Minnesota