Vote for a Brighter Tomorrow

And, in the meantime, tell your candidates for public office to fully fund public education.

A brighter tomorrow depends on you. And all of us in Minnesota stepping up for a brighter tomorrow.

Vote pro-public education candidates

By voting for pro-public education candidates in the fall. And by contacting legislators and holding them accountable for the campaign promises they made, or the funding cuts they supported.

If 2020 teaches us anything, it’s that our public schools are an essential service. Providing daycare for health and emergency workers. Preparing meals for thousands of hungry students. Designing a never-before-attempted equitable distance learning plan.

And, above all, inspiring our students to reach for greatness.

There have always been legislators who value tax cuts for the very wealthy over our children’s future. And they’re sure to use the events of 2020, and their impact on the economy, as an excuse for even more cuts.

Public education is our only hope for a brighter tomorrow

Inspiring tomorrow’s scientists to find new ways to fight disease. Moving tomorrow’s citizens to find new ways to bridge race and class divisions. And, above all, challenging tomorrow’s leaders to find new ways forward.

Believe in we, Minnesota

  • Elect pro-public education lawmakers.
  • Preserve and protect, and fully fund, our schools.
  • Give our students everything they need for a successful life.